Arthur C. Lee


Multi-instrumentalist in Portland, OR with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest's indie and alternative music scene.


Balancing expression with precision, articulating a feeling in a song without sounding trite or corny,  capturing a picture of a moment embedded in your subconscious. Arthur C. Lee is a soulful perfectionist. Someone so concerned with capturing balance and clarity rarely achieves magic in a recording studio.  Lee manages to take his songs meticulously to the point where they are a pure representation of his intention while retaining the heart with which they beat.

'History Of'... sounds like a record that took a long time to write and produce without sacrificing the alchemy that happens in between thought. It's the expression of a person who is looking back to find reasons why they are who they are.  Lee's clearly influenced by the music and culture of the Pacific Northwest, without sounding derivative or contrived. This is a record that could only be made by the man who created it.  -- Whit Walker

Released July 14, 2017

Arthur C. Lee with Whit Walker - 'Vital Signs'.  Released March 1, 2011.

Sometimes words and music come together from disparate sources so perfectly that you wonder how and why they were created the way they were. Arthur Lee has been working these beautiful pieces of music as instrumentals for three or so years. Whit Walker has kept these lyrics in his memory bank, in some cases for more than ten years. Have you ever wondered what it was like when peanut butter discovered jelly, ham found cheese? If you have, then sit back and be taken to a place where flowers walk with the gods of sand. Vital Signs is just that, Arthur and Whit’s evolution as artists and friends in this journey through life, and a vital part of every great day. Thank you.

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